Free Karaoke! Sing karaoke on YouTube with Yokee App Reviews

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This app has free songs for real!


You cant listen to your song without doing a subscription that you cant get rid of. Dont buy if you dont want your wallets drained. Very disappointed that it didnt work?????????????


I thought that this would be a fun FREE karaoke app. Me and my friend recorded a song! Then when we went to play it back it said we had to pay to hear the recording. Dont get this unless you want to pay 17.99 a month then get another app.

The app is great

I downloaded it yesterday && love singing on it , now trying to figure out how to completely work it and after I do I will tell more about it :)

Great app????

This is an awesome app? Their are so many great things about this app I dont know where to begin??? Well one of the best things is that the fact that the app is completely free! And I love that I got to choose the genre of music I liked at the beginning?❣️ And to put a cherry on top of this giant sundae you dont have to sign up with email or phone number! Overall its a great app I totally recommend it❤️


Its awesome

Maybe a scam? It wont stop charging me $2.99!

I downloaded the 7 day trial and cancelled my subscription before that ended. The app continued to charge me. I have tried to cancel the subscription three times now! I have been charged $2.99 once a week for the last few months! It will look like you have cancelled the app, but then it will keep charging you! Dont do it!



Love it

I love karaoke, and now I can do it when Im pooping!!!! Love this app.


I dont want to waste money AND PAY


Just make it free to listen to our voice !!




Love it! So fun!

I Love ❤️ You Guys

???? I Love This APP


I feel like Im in the studio!

I love Yokee

Yokee is awesome I love its a good singing game but I dont think singing in front of people is a bad idea


I gave this app five stars because it is my fav app ever! :3

U tube

Was great help for my YouTube channel " Connorlikescars "





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