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Great app. So much fun.

I hate this app

Every time you sing a song they want you the download one of their apps I hate it I recommend you guys who are going to download this app not to download it youll either have to buy or download one apps. I like singing all but Im not paying money and I will more apps on my phone because this is just a big bunch of crap. Dont spend your money on this!!!!!???

So much fun!

Great fun for the family! I love it.



Not free!

Big big fat lie!



Beş kuruş etmez

Ful reklam


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Good job




Great for a cappella!

My students and I absolutely love this app. I lead an after school a cappella group, and stumbled upon this app one day and decided to give it a go. Through playing around with it, I discovered that they also have an a cappella karaoke feature, which I thought was an extremely helpful tool that my students could use at home to practice on their own. As soon as I encouraged my students to download Yokee, they all immediately fell in love with it and couldnt get enough of it. I noticed immediate


I loved it but I shouldnt have to pay to listen to myself




U lobe this app. You should totally get it! Even if you have a bad voice like me.


I love it!



My new music therapy

Yokee has successfully made karaoke fun and hip again. I cant get enough of this app, and have found it to be practically therapeutic with how much positive energy it helps me exude. It has so many great hits and classics to fit any kind of mood Im in--Sam Smith for when Im feeling blue/soulful, to traditional Disney for when I feel like getting back in touch with the child in me.

5 stars

Amazing the price for VIP is really cheap lots of songs to choose from my overall favorite game


I like the app but I cant even listen to myself



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